Petra Scandali
Hieronymus bosch the humen abstract

Hieronymus Bosch


The Human Abstract

Дата выпуска

1995 год


Техничный дэт-метал

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Владимир Лейвиман

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Владимир Лейвиман

Трек-лист альбома «The Human Abstract»
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Petra Scandali
Black Lake Blues

Petra Scandali — песня из альбома группы «Hieronymus Bosch» — «The Humen Abstract».


Petra Scandali of my philosophy
Is Jus Emphitesis to believe
Lunea Vitae of the world is religion
This different opinions and points of view
Multitude of Gods and lack of believers
Within the mental sphere and truth

Complex system of contradictions
Problems of ethic and religion...
We are musing upon the Coming Requital,
Prophety and disbelief
But Petra Scandali of my philosophy
In our reflections... Born and Life

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